Trade facilitation and assistance for market entry


1994 - 2008: Food exports

Hungarian frozen poultry transport: largest exporter position from the Hungarian side of the Albanian market; the absolute market leader for many years.

  • The exportation of Albanian-label egg cartons, trays – market leaders.
  • Exports of other Hungarian food products

1995 - 1996: As a representative of Ikarus Bus, participation in World Bank tenders
2006: Real estate investment, participation in the development / consulting (Tirana, Bilisti, Ksamili, Frushe Kruje)
2006: Market entry of Hungarian (construction) and international (energy sector) companies.
2009: Optional purchase of shares in Albanian oil trading company
2009: Assistance for the transportation of LPG gas: INA/MOL
2009: Negotiations about the supply of INA agency
2010: Involvement of significant foreign investors (energy sector)



Banking and finance


1991-1994: Participation in the creation of the modern commercial banking sector

The training of Albanian bankers, presentation of privatization procedures (self-organized and paid for)

  • The shipment of banking instruments, special vehicles for the banking sector (National Bank of Albania tender)

1995-1996: As a representative of Ikarus Bus, participation in World Bank tenders.
2003-2004: Adviser to the OTP Bank, during the privatization of the Savings Bank of Albania.
2004: Applying for the purchase of Albania's public debt against Hungary.
2006: Adviser to the OTP bank, during the purchase of Banka Popullore.



EU funds management consulting


2006: EU Accession and Twinning concept awareness program
2009: Facilitate the preparation for EU accession (Transfer of Hungarian experience) – preparation of environmental and infrastructural projects with the help of Hungarian expertise Macedonia
2009: EU pre-accession and Twinning program concept development Transfer of experience of the Hungarian local government system, preparation in environmental and infrastructural projects